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About Namso CC Gen V5

Namso CC Generator is a website which provides credit card numbers for study and demo purposes, you can generate different kind of cards by using bins like VISA, Mastercard and others. You can also check credit card numbers if they are in correct format or not.

Q & A's

Q1. How To Use Namso CC Generator?

This tool is very easy to use and you can easily generate credit cards for your study and demo purposes.
1. First you have to select the bin or use your own custom bin. Bin is the first 5 numbers of credit card which describes the type of card
2. Select what you want to include from the three options. Data is expiry date, CCV2 is the pin of the card and bank details
3. Select the quantity of how much cards you want to test and choose the format in which you want the cards to be generated
4. In this step you can enter a custom CCV2 and choose a custom expiry or you can leave it to random
5. Click the generate button and get cards

Q2. Can We Use These Cards For Shopping Online?

No, these cards are only for study and informational purposes and they don't exist in real. You are not allowed to enter these cards in any kind of forms and cart checkouts.

Q3. Are These Real And Live Credit Cards?

These are not live cards, This form generates credit card which are not real and they are only for an idea how credit card numbers works.

Q4. Does This Website Have A Mobile Application?

Yes, We have a mobile app but only for android mobiles which can be downloaded safely and securely from here

Download Namso CCGen APK

Q5. What Is Bin?

Bin is a format used to generate different kind of cards for example if you want to generate an example of MasterCard you will have to use a bin 552289xxxxxxxxxx or something like this.

Q6. What Does Namso Means?

Namso is a brand name and it does not have any special meaning.